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Jochen WILD

Dr.-Ing. Jochen WILD (German Aerospace Center DLR)

Research Scientist at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology of the German Aerospace Center DLR. From 2008 to 2018 he has led the High-Lift Aerodynamics team within the Transport Aircraft Department, which he headed in 2018/2019. After studying aerospace engineering at Technical University Munich and Mechanical Engineering at Technical University Darmstadt, he joined DLR as PhD candidate. In 2001 he received his doctorate from the Technical University Braunschweig.

He has 25 years of experience in high-lift aerodynamics, high-lift system design and active flow control, with CFD and by wind tunnel testing. He has more than 100 contributions to scientific conferences, and about 50 contributions to books and scientific journals. For his scientific work he was awarded with the Deutsche Lufthansa Stiftungspreis (1996), the Hermann-Blenk-Award (2013) and the EREA Best Paper Award (2015 and 2019). Since 2014 he lectures High-Lift Aerodynamics at the Technical University Braunschweig.

He has participated in numerous national and international projects, including the coordination of high-lift aerodynamics projects. Beside others, he contributed to the EUROLIFT I+II projects, the CleanSky Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft project and the European FP7 project AFLoNext and currently to the CleanSky 2 LPA HLFC-Wing project. He coordinated the European FP7 project DeSiReH and the Active Flow Control activities within the AFLoNext project. Currently, he coordinates the Horizon 2020 project UHURA dealing with unsteady aerodynamics of high-lift systems.




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