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Ruxandra BOTEZ


Prof. Dr. Eng. Ruxandra Mihaela BOTEZ
(ETS, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada)

Dr. Ruxandra Botez received her Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Aircraft Design in Bucharest, Romania in 1984. Ruxandra became Aircraft Design Engineer. She worked during until 1987 as Engineer at ICA-Brasov in Romania. She received her M.Sc.A degree from ╔cole Polytechnique in 1989, and her Master research thesis subject was in the area of semi-empirical dynamic stall methods for helicopters. This subject was of interest to Bell Helicopter Textron. Ruxandra obtained her PhD degree from McGill University in 1994 in the area of Fluid-Structure Interactions and Nonlinear Dynamics. Ruxandra worked as Postdoctoral Fellow in Helicopters Control at Auburn University in the USA until 1995. Then, she worked at Bombardier Aerospace as AeroServoElasticity Task Leader on the Active Control Technology (ACT) project until 1998, when she started working at ╔TS as Associate Professor until 2003 when she became Full Professor.Dr. Botez founded in 2003 the Research Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and AeroServoElasticity LARCASE and she is the Head of the LARCASE since then. The LARCASE is equipped with three major aerospace infrastructures: an Aircraft Flight Research Simulator from CAE Inc. and Cessna for the Cessna Citation X Business Aircraft, a Subsonic Blow-Down Wind Tunnel Price-Pa´doussis, and an Unmanned Aerial System UAS-S4 from Hydra Technologies in Mexico. The LARCASE team consists of more than forty-five students and researchers per semester.Dr. Botez works closely in collaboration on various major research projects in collaboration with Aerospace companies in Canada: Bombardier, Bell Helicopter Textron, CMC Electronics-Esterline, CAE Inc., Presagis, Thales Canada, FLIR Systems, Alenia (in Italy), Hydra Technologies (in Mexico) and many other companies (in NATO projects), research centers such as IAR-NRC (in Canada), CIRA (in Italy) and NASA (in the USA) and universities. She is the Canada Research Chair Holder Level 1 in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies since 2011.Dr. Botez and her team received more than forty-five awards. A number of eighty articles were written by media on the research achievements of Dr Botez. Dr. Botez and her team published 140 papers in referred journals, 285 papers in conference proceedings, and seven invited book chapters. Dr Botez was Keynote Speaker at more than 42 conferences. She is Editor-in-Chief of the INCAS Bulletin.


For more details on the LARCASE laboratory publications, awards, etc. that is under the leadership of Dr. Botez, please visit the web site of the LARCASE Laboratory in Applied Research in Active Controls, Avionics and AeroServoElasticity


For more details on the Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies, please visit its website at:



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